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A Study on Korean Public Administraion

한국행정연구 책자 'A Study on Korean Public Administration', an academic journal registered in the National Research Foundation of Korea, was rated as grade-A in the experts' evaluation of domestic academic journals in the Science of Public Administration of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. The KIPA publishes this journal on a quarterly basis.

Administrative Focus

행정포커스 책자 'Administrative Focus', which is published with the aim of offering the latest information related to domestic and overseas public administration to academic experts, the general public, and related public officials, offers an introduction to public polices, experts' opinions and prospects on issues, excellent cases of domestic and overseas public policies, the latest administrative theories, and advanced country (OECD) latest administration-related information.

Collection of Research

행정포커스 책자 The KIPA has been publishing a series of 'Collection of Research' on such topics as future, publicity and administrative ideas, comparison & regions, and social risks and safety management . It aims to effectively perform government strategies and educational cooperation in step with rapid change of social and natural environment. The collections propose useful results through theoretical analysis that can be used by hands-on workers.