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Basic Research
Year Area Title Writer Date File
2023 Report A Study on the Improvement of the Performance Management System for International Development Cooperation: A Focus on the ways for effective feedback system Seungheon Han, Jisun Youm, DoSuk LEE 2023-12
2023 Report Balancing Personal Information Usage and Protection in Disaster and Crisis Situations Hyeon-Suk Lyu, Jeong-Seok Kang, Jeonghyun Lee 2023-12
2023 Report Enhancing the utilization of data platforms in the public sector Yoon-Kyung Oh, Namjun Cha 2023-12
2023 Report 2023 Public Official’s Perception Survey on Inter-Governmental Relations (IGR) Danee Kim 2023-12
2023 Report Survey Research on the Level of Perception of Public Corruption in Korea Young Min Wang 2023-12
2023 Report A Study on the Diagnosis and Development of International Regulatory Co-operation in Korea Minho LEE, Sung-Bou KIM 2023-12
2023 Report Perception of Publicness among Koreans: Development and Measurement of Publicness Indicators Sung-Geun Kim, Dongjae Jung, Joon-Young Hur 2023-12
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