• 2020

    Jan. 01Center for Government Organization Design was established

  • 2018 대표사진
  • 2018

    May. 23Inauguration of the 11th President Seong-ho Ahn

    Aug. 01Sejong Center for Public Leadership Studies was established

  • 2017 대표사진
  • 2017

    June. 23Designated as a professional research institute for Regulatory Reform Committee, the control tower for the government’s regulatory management

    June. 23Designated as the regulatory research institute by the Prime Minister's Office

    April. 28Designated as a professional research institute for organization management

    April. 28Designated as the Organizational Management Research Institute by the Prime Minister's Office

  • 2015 대표사진
  • 2015

    December. 08Selected as excellent institute for national statistics integrated DB operation in 2015

    November. 06Inauguration of the 10th President Yoon-soo Jung

    October. 07Moved to independent building in Bulgwang-dong, Eunpyeong-gu

  • 2014 대표사진
  • 2014

    June. 18Designated as a professional institute for regulation cost analysis in public administration and social sector

    January. 01Center for International Public Cooperation established

  • 2013 대표사진
  • 2013

    July. 01Designated as an organization for compiling statistics

    May. 07Chosen as a superior research institute for 2 years in a row Awarded Superior Research Institute Prize in field of 2012 management

  • 2012

    November. 04Inauguration of the 9th President Eun Jae Lee

  • 2011 대표사진
  • 2011

    March. 29Social Survey Research Center established

  • 2009 대표사진
  • 2009

    November. 04Inauguration of the 8th President Eung-gyeok Park

  • 2007

    September. Designated as a professional research and training institute for conflict management

  • 2006

    November. 04Inauguration of the 7th President Yong-deok Jeong

  • 2004 대표사진
  • 2003

    October. 01Inauguration of the 6th President Joong-yang Kim

  • 2001

    July. 16Designated as a professional research institute for government performance evaluation

  • 2000

    October. 01Inauguration of the 5th President Yun-won Hwang

  • 1999 대표사진
  • 1999

    January. 29The Act on the Establishment and Operation and Development of Government-Financed Research Institutes and the Enforcement Ordinance of the same act were established and proclaimed

  • 1998

    April. 02Inauguration of the 4th President Young-pyeong Kim

  • 1997

    October. 01Inauguration of the 3th President Moon-hwa Chung

  • 1994

    October. 01Inauguration of the 2nd President Chung-hyun Ro

  • 1993

    May. 24Inauguration of the 2nd Chairman Heon-jae Lee

  • 1991

    November. 15Inauguration of the 1st Chairman Yeong-hoon Gang

    October. 05KIPA established

    October. 01Inauguration of the 1st President Chung-hyun Ro

    August. 26The President of Korea (the founder) financed the institute from his own possessions

    May. 20The Enforcement Ordinance of the Korea Institute of Public Administration Law was established and proclaimed (The Presidential decree No.13371)

    January. 14The Korea Institute of Public Administration Law was established and proclaimed (Legislation No. 4335)