Reports on Contract Projects

project name, ordered by, person in charge, period

Reports on Contract Projects
Project name Ordered by Person in charge Period
Basic plans for national intellectual property system and building evaluation system for implementation plans Presidental Council on Intellectual Property Kang, Jeong Seok 2011.12.28.~2012.06.25
Study on effective operational structure of National Asian Cultural Center Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Lim, Sung Geun 2011.11.16~2012.04.14
Analysis report on user satisfaction and the effect of using Digital Budget Accounting System(dBrain) Ministry of Strategy and Finance Hwang, Hie Shin 2011.11.10~2011.12.31
Developing evaluation tool for green fund support service Korea Green Promotion Agency Yoon, Su Jae 2011.11.14~2012.02.27
Developing ways to promote effective organizational structure on the administration of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Kim, Yun Kwon 2011.11.07~2012.05.04
Comparative Study on selective system of the Lawyers of Korea and Japan Ministry of Justice Lim, Sung Geun 2011.11.01~2011.12.15
Research on government management system in the leading research organization Ministry of Public Administration and Security Suh, Won Seok 2011.10.20~2011.12.19
Study on advancement of the engineering industry Korea Engineering and Consulting Association Choi, Eu Gene 2011.09.29~2011.12.31
Korea Forest Service Satisfaction Survey for performance improvement of regulatory reform in 2011 Korea Forest Service Kim, Shin 2011.09.27~2011.11.28
Improving civil service of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family Republic of Korea Ministry of Gender Equality and Family Republic of Korea Cho, Tae Jun 2011.09.20~2011.12.19
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