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Public administration is about all the duties of policies, systems, and services carried out by the government for the people.
And public administration aims to achieve sustainable development of the nation and the betterment of the people’s livelihood.  
We at Korea Institute of Public Administration conduct research on governance, leadership, and policies to build a good and effective government to propel the nation forward and ensure the well-being and safety of the people.
Public administration is about "Public Entrepreneurship".
South Korea was able to achieve economic miracle and rise from the ashes of the Korean War in the 1950s despite its lack of resources;
the nation was armed with patriotic government officials and citizens by its side to fight the recession.

KIPA was established in 1991 to conduct research on governance, leadership, and policies to pave the way for sustainable people-centered development.
As Korea's only national research institute in the field of public administration under the vision of "ensuring a vibrant research environment, leading the innovative and inclusive government",
180 experts and staff are seeking solutions to social challenges
and thereby achieve the advancement of Korea's public administration

We engage in an array of research activities through our six research divisions and five centers to effectively respond to the diversifying policy demands.

The Division of Public Management Research conducts research on government organization and human resources, while studying systems and policies concerning the optimization of financial management.
The Division of Government Innovation Research conducts research on government innovation theories and strategies, and runs Open Policy Lab for collaborative policy innovation with policy targets, experts and policymakers.
The Division of Regulatory Innovation Research conducts research on regulatory systems, policies, and innovation.
The Division of Evaluation Research conducts research on government performance evaluation and performance management to support effective government performance management and policy implementation.
The Division of Social Cohesion Research engages in conflict management research and training to minimize and resolve conflict and thereby contributes to social integration.
The Division of Disaster and Safety Management Research establishes strategies for disaster and safety management to create a safe society against various risks.
The Sejong Center for Public Leadership Studies develops research and training programs aimed at fostering the leadership capabilities of high-ranking government officials and hosts the seminars and forums on public leadership.
The Center for Government Organization Design aims to predict future administrative needs based on empirical data and establishes a foundation for government organization design through organizational diagnosis
The Center for Social Survey supports evidence-based policymaking by conducting surveys on citizens' and public servants' perceptions toward social issues.
The Center for International Development and Cooperation is responsible for carrying out various projects and researches to disseminate the experiences of Korea's administrative development.
The Center for Regulatory Research reviews and verifies the results of regulatory impact assessment for improving the quality of government regulations.

KIPA produces various publications on the topics of public administration.
The bimonthly magazine, Public Administration Focus, provides the latest information on public administration in Korea and abroad.
The quarterly research journal, Korean Journal of Public Administration, is a leading academic journal on administration and policy studies.
We also publish KIPA Survey Forum, which is dedicated to the social survey sector; Regulation Trend Paper, which introduces regulatory policies and institutional improvements of advanced nations;
and Issue Paper, which details implications on pending policy and social issues.

KIPA continues to raise our global prestige through advanced research on institutions and creative policy proposals.
We share Korea's public administration-related expertise with other nations,
while taking on new challenges and opportunities through regular exchanges with our counterparts around the world.

We strive to innovate public administration to create a nation where all people prosper together with the country.

Government innovation,
For the innovative and inclusive government;
For the well-being of the people;
For global peace and prosperity.

It starts from KIPA.