Korea Institute of Public Administrative Promotional Video

자막 자막

The Korea Institute of Public Administration was established in 1991 under the mission of achieving national progress centered on public wellness through research on government operation and administrative reform. Over the past three decades, we have continued to expand our scope of research into government operation assessment, regulatory reform, social integration, and government organization.
Engaging in more than 100 carefully selected research projects each year, we have been designated by various government ministries as an expert research institution and developed into a thinktank that takes initiative in crafting advanced government policies. 

With our 30th anniversary in 2021, we are preparing to take another leap forward and continually thrive over the next three decades. 
We will focus our resources on developing policies and institutions that pinpointedly cater to the needs of the public amid growing uncertainty and complexity to contribute to enhancing the government’s administrative competence and on executing research aimed at realizing public values to resolve social conflicts.
We will also push ahead with international cooperation projects that promote the excellence of Korea’s public administration and further raise the nation’s international standing.

We will strive to elevate public administration to new heights to advance a nation of co-growth and co-prosperity. 

KIPA – a leader in convergence policy research to reinforce public wellness

We will never stand still in taking on new challenges.


Redesigning the future government structure
Conducting forward-looking administrative research based on convergence studies 
Engaging in research on systems aimed at reinforcing public values
Executing and disseminating research on public leadership