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Korean Cases in Public Administration

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Korean Cases in Public Administration for Training and Practice

『Korean Cases in Public Administration for Training and Practice』 consists of seven cases categorized into three areas (public administration, public policy, governance). The cases cover the subjects of government performance evaluation, school meal services, work-life balance, separation of the prescription and dispensation of pharmaceutical drugs, urban restoration in Seoul, disaster management, and public health.

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Evaluations M. Jae Moon (Yonsei University)
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2017-2-1 Performance Evaluation Systems for the Korean Central Government Agencies: Self and Specific
Younhee Kim (Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg)
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2017-2-2 Contracting Out or Contracting Back In: School Foodservice Contracts in South Korea
Eunju Rho (University of Akron)
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2017-2-3 Work-Life Balance for Working Mom and Dad in South Korea
Taehee Kim (Seoul National University of Science & Technology)
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2017-2-4 Stakeholders in the Public Policy-Making Process: The Case of the Separation of Prescription and Dispensing in South Korea
Chul-Young Roh (Lehman College)
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2017-2-5 Transforming Seoul: Rethinking Neighborhood
Hee Soun Jang (University of North Texas) & Jung Wook Kim (Incheon Development Institute)
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2017-2-6 Critical Assessment of the 2012 Gumi Chemical Spill: An Adaptive Governance Approach
Kyujin Jung (Korea University)
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2017-2-7 Public Health Crisis in South Korea: Policy Failure or Social Distrust?
Dohyeong Kim (University of Texas at Dallas)
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