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Awarded for the merit in the regulatory reform
Date 2020-07-31
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KIPA (President Seongho Ahn) received an award from the prime minister for the ‘merit in the regulatory reform’ at the Government Complex-Seoul on Friday, 31st of July, 2020.
KIPA has been consistently putting efforts in researches on the regulatory reform. Specifically, KIPA was recognized for its contribution in regulatory reform and effective evaluation on the government regulations through construction and review of regulatory impact analysis reports in the administration and society from 2014, when KIPA was designated as the special research institute of the Regulatory Reform Committee. Although the number of evaluation case for newly modified regulations has significantly increased from 36 cases in 2015 to 915 cases in 2019, KIPA was recognized for enhancing the quality standard of governmental regulations of Korea through professional and rapid analysis, review and consultations on the regulation impacts.

Awarded for the merit in the regulatory reform