《Global Issues for Public Administration ODA_3-3》 Urban Development
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《Global Issues for Public Administration ODA_3-3》 Urban Development
period - published by KIPA
volume Global Issues for Public Administration ODA 3-3 publish year 2023
sort International Development Cooperation type Report
date 2024-03-20 read 33
keyword Public Administration ODA   Urban Development and Management   Urban Development ODA  

《Global Issues for Public Administration ODA_3-3》
Urban Development


Seolah Bang (Associate Research Fellow)
Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements

This research aims to analyze the status and issues of Korea's urban development ODA and search for development methods in the urban development sector through development cooperation within the trend of change for urbanization centered around developing countries. In particular, urban development should not be limited to a concept based on specific CRS codes, and a convergent approach with multi-disciplinary cooperation based on urban spaces is required. Urban development ODA has a pan-area characteristic, where it includes factors of public administration ODA in the aspect of non-physical characteristics, or legal and policy, governance, finances, and means of execution. Based on Korea's case of constructing administrative city, we suggested the scope of application and method of public administration. Recently, countries that are aiming to construct a new capital or relocate their administrative capital due to overpopulation in the metropolitan area such as Indonesia, Mongolia, and Egypt are requesting exchange for Korea's experience in constructing Sejong city. In order to respond to demands for development cooperation for Korea's urban development knowledge responding to capital relocation and urbanization, we need to discover and expand administrative values such as urban policy and planning, which directly requires active review of convergence-type ODA for urban development and public administration.


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