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기본연구과제 목록
번호 제목 저자 년도 전문 조회
15 E-Government: Innovations from the Korean Digital Government Developments new 한국행정연구원
2020 바로보기 다운로드 19
14 Policy Challenges and Government Innovations in Public Organization new 한국행정연구원
2020 바로보기 다운로드 22
13 A Comparative Study of the Management Systems for Foreign Aid in Asian Developing Countries 한국행정연구원
2019 바로보기 다운로드 596
12 Portrait of Data-Based Policy Making in Indonesia and Korea 한국행정연구원
2019 바로보기 다운로드 455
11 Improving the Quality of Public Administration under Regime Change 한국행정연구원
2019 바로보기 다운로드 253
10 A Comparative Study on Public Organization and Public Services from Hybridity and Resilience Perspective: Evidence from Korea and France 한국행정연구원
2019 바로보기 다운로드 348
9 Korean Cases in Public Administration for Training and Practice: Cases in Citizen-centered and Collaborative Governance 한국행정연구원
2019 바로보기 다운로드 242
8 Korean Cases in Public Administration for Training and Practice: Overcoming Uncertainties and Obstacles 한국행정연구원
2018 바로보기 다운로드 617
7 Public Service Values and Administrative Tradition: Exploratory Research in South Korea and Mongolia 한국행정연구원
2018 바로보기 다운로드 350
6 A Study of the Government Performance Evaluation Systems in Mongolia and Korea 한국행정연구원
2018 바로보기 다운로드 287
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