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기본연구과제 목록
번호 제목 저자 년도 전문 조회
16 COVID-19 Response Systems and International Cooperation : Focusing on Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines 한국행정연구원
2020 바로보기 다운로드 648
15 E-Government: Innovations from the Korean Digital Government Developments 한국행정연구원
2020 바로보기 다운로드 337
14 Policy Challenges and Government Innovations in Public Organizations, Public Personnel, and Public Finance 한국행정연구원
2020 바로보기 다운로드 387
13 A Comparative Study of the Management Systems for Foreign Aid in Asian Developing Countries 한국행정연구원
2019 바로보기 다운로드 863
12 Portrait of Data-Based Policy Making in Indonesia and Korea 한국행정연구원
2019 바로보기 다운로드 603
11 Improving the Quality of Public Administration under Regime Change 한국행정연구원
2019 바로보기 다운로드 307
10 A Comparative Study on Public Organization and Public Services from Hybridity and Resilience Perspective: Evidence from Korea and France 한국행정연구원
2019 바로보기 다운로드 408
9 Korean Cases in Public Administration for Training and Practice: Cases in Citizen-centered and Collaborative Governance 한국행정연구원
2019 바로보기 다운로드 302
8 Korean Cases in Public Administration for Training and Practice: Overcoming Uncertainties and Obstacles 한국행정연구원
2018 바로보기 다운로드 674
7 Public Service Values and Administrative Tradition: Exploratory Research in South Korea and Mongolia 한국행정연구원
2018 바로보기 다운로드 384
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